Tansi! Edlánet'e! Welcome to Two Bears First Nation Research Institute Inc.

We are a non-profit organization that offers Land Based Healing methods through authentic traditional ceremonies, customs, and traditions to anyone in search of spiritually enhancing their relationship with Creator, Mother Earth and the Universe for healing in a safe and confidential environment. Accountable to an Elders Advisory Committee and Board of Directors.

Qualified Elders, Healers, Ceremony Keepers, and Counsellors will guide you through your personalized healing journey and/or retreats.

Learn how to do offerings when gathering, preparing, and storing of sweet grass, sage, and other sacred plants which are used for the purification cleansing process.

Join us in gathering and preparing medicines, storing various feast foods such as berries, wild Teas, dry meat/fish etc. for ceremonies or for your own personal needs.

Listen to story-telling while beading, moccasin making, hide processing, and drum /rattle making and many other indoor/outdoor activities.

Allow us to educate and guide you in the culture and to train those who choose to take on certain roles such as Oskápew, Feast Servers or whatever role Creator moves you towards.

Understand and participate in Ceremonies such as: Purification Ceremony, Sweats, Pipe, Spirit Naming, Healing, Cleansing, and other sacred ceremonies.

To maintain a relationship with the International Indigenous Knowledge Exchange.

Feel free to scroll through our webpage for a listing of services offered. Contact us for scheduling and prices.